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Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by.

I’m a writer by trade…I love my clients and what I do (find my company HERE) but this is where I write about the things I love.: books, fashion, motherhood, and issues that I care about.

I have been married since 2010, and we have two beautiful little girls that we adore. We are evangelical Christians and attend a local church, where my dad is a pastor. My husband is a business analyst at a Motorcycle company, and often lends his hand to my blog on the technical side. We live in a gorgeous corner of Oregon, where we love the weather, even though we aren’t total ‘outdoorsy’ people. We lead a pretty simple life, but we love every bit of it.

This blog was born in 2017, when I realized my previous blog really didn’t fit my new season of life as a small business owner and wife and mother. I had been writing sporadically on it since I was in high school, and needed to re-vamp my blog to suit the things that I was really writing about. So, Before I Make Dinner began. My girls are both marathon nappers (thank you, Jesus!), so the time before I make dinner is my time, the time I use for shopping, reading, and writing…all the things I wanted to cover here.



A few more things about me:

-I’m a speed reader. I can read a book start to finish in less than thirty minutes. It’s my one hidden talent, and one of my few hobbies I can claim!

-I’m #3 in a sibling group of four. I’m adopted, and so is my little brother…we are both Korean. I have two older sisters, and enough nieces and nephews that I rarely remember birthdays!

-We are strict budgetters. I love to shop, but we are staunch Dave Ramsey-ers and are trying to pay down student loans. I write a lot about saving money, because it’s a way of life for our family.

-I really, really can’t bake. You won’t find a lot of amazing pastries or cookie recipes here, sorry. I’m more of a Crock Pot and pasta kinda girl, though I love Hello Fresh and Plated, and that’s just about how I learned to cook over the last two years. 

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You write because there’s fire in your bones. You’ve got to do this whether anybody ever reads it or not.
-Eugene Peterson