Advertising and Affiliate Policy

Before I Make Dinner provides subjective opinions and helpful hints for women across the country. We provide in-depth reviews of contemporary fiction, ways to save money and live on a budget, and insights on parenting and motherhood.

The cost of running the site is not insignificant, and includes all the costs associated with our website, hardware, and purchasing items for review. We believe we are filling the gap for a budget friendly, wide-spectrum mommy blog that is about real life and real women. We want to limit advertisements and keep our site easily readable for our audience. We’ve joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select and relevant retailers (clothing, children’s and household retailers).

This will help us generate some revenue and to make it easier for you to purchase products while helping keep us running. Note that advertisements for the affiliates may be placed on the product review pages. Please note that we generate commissions on sales that take place if readers click through the ads and purchase a product. Note also that some of the products that are reviewed also are provided without charge by the retailers, distributors or manufacturers and this is noted in each review where applicable. Affiliate links will be noted at the top or bottom of posts where they are used.

If you’d like more information on our affiliate policy, please contact us at