Ask Again, Yes

I hadn’t read a good book in quite some time, especially since having a newborn baby, but there’s only so much Netflix and Hulu you can watch when you’re stuck at home during naps! I had missed reading, and decided to tackle a book I had been dying to read for a lot time: Ask Again, Yes. It’s recommended for fans of Celeste Ng (who you know is one of my all-time favorites), but I would liken the writing style more towards Lisa Genova (another one of my favorites!).

The book follows the story of two women, neighbors, whose husbands share a career. They seem to be similar at the start, but one has a secret that will change their lives forever. The narration follows them and later, their children who grow up together, and leads up to the Event that will mark the moments in their lives clearly as “before” and “after”. The style of the book is truly brilliant, written in one way leading up to the Event, and shifting to a slightly more tender voice afterwards.  It also tackles the subject of mental illness with a weightiness and depth (which is why it feels so much like a Lisa Genova book) that is almost uncomfortable to read at times, because it is so realistic.

It was one I couldn’t put down, and the characters were deeply multi-dimensional. The story is haunting, beautiful, and moving; a sweeping tale of how much a marriage can truly endure, and the impact of forgiveness.

Find it HERE.