Why We Love Home Depot’s Building Classes // Family Life


About once a month, our local Home Depot offers building classes for kids. We discovered these about a year ago, and Drew and Emmy like to go together. Besides the obvious fact that they get bonding time, here are a few reasons we LOVE these workshops:

They’re FREE! Home Depot provides all the materials, tools, and even a cute little apron for these classes. It’s a great way to do a no-cost activity and “date” for the two of them.

It’s giving her life skills: Emmy knows how to use a hammer, what a hinge is, how to paint and glue wood, and more. It’s been fun to see the many different projects and know she is gaining tactile and building skills she will use when she’s older.

It gives a sense of accomplishment: Emmy loves nothing more than coming home to show off her latest project, and she displays them proudly in her room. Kids also earn little pins for their apron with every completed project.

To find your local classes, you can go to Home Depot’s website and click “DIY Workshops” and enter your location. It’s easy to register and you just show up the morning of the class. Because we have little girls, I think people assume that they can’t do some of the more “boy”ish activities, but Drew is really great about having them help him with tactile and hardware projects. Even I don’t know some of the things Emmy does about fixing things, and I really appreciate that she is learning about cars, electronics, and home projects at such an early age. I find her in the garage helping Drew with just about everything!