Sensitive Skincare for Little Ones

If you follow me over on Facebook, you may know that our littlest has been struggling with a longtime virus/fevers and some seizures. This has really changed our family over the last four months (along with a job change for my husband, which I’ll try to share about soon here), and has made us really hone in on things we could be doing to help her health improve. It’s been a truly scary time as a parent, to not know what is going on with her immune system and brain, but we are hopeful that our new neurologist and her testing will prove helpful. In the meantime, our doctor has encouraged us to improve her immune system in a variety of ways, and one of those things is making sure she is not having systemic reactions to skincare products. She has extremely sensitive skin that often flares up in hives, breakouts, or rashes, so this made a lot of sense. We have tested out a few skincare items recently, and these have been very helpful! She hasn’t had any rashes since we switched everything (including lotions and hand soap in the girls’ bathroom) to more natural options.

This is the first brand we tried, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. We have been really pleased with everything from this line, especially the lavender bubble bath, which Ensley totally loves. I use it myself in the shower, and it’s under $12 at most stores and on Amazon for a generous sized bottle. The hand soap is something we also changed out in their bathroom, and it was only $3.85 at Walmart for one pump bottle. The products all smell really nice, and since they’re less expensive than some of the other brands, it makes me less anxious about her dumping the bottle down the sink which has really happened….lots of times. You can find it on Amazon, and at Target. We didn’t love the lotion, and used the one below, but that was just a personal preference on the scent of the lotion, which was overly “sweet”.

My sweet friend Nicole blessed us with these two bottles when she learned about Ensley’s health struggles. I’m so grateful! They’ve been some of our favorites for shampoo and lotion, and a little goes a really long way in Ensley’s long, curly, thick hair. It smells amazing with essential oils in it, and the cute animals on the bottles make her smile! We use these products about two to three times a week. You can find Nicole’s oil facebook page HERE if you want to order from her. We tried a few that were NOT good for us as well, including most products from Honest, which left everyone’s skin horribly dry, and Aveeno baby (Aveeno didn’t make her break out, but the scent was awful-smelling).

Lastly, we found a more natural sunscreen! I was thrilled because this has been a yearly struggle. Emmy and Ensley both are allergic to nearly every brand we have tried, and only a handful have proved okay for either girl. I gave this one a shot after I found it at Target in a hurry, and it’s wonderful. It is non greasy, and it leaves their skin very soft. Ensley also burns quickly and easily, and so far, it’s prevented her sunburn across her nose and cheeks. I got a travel size for the diaper bag, and a larger one for at home. I’m still searching for a stick sunscreen as well, to carry in my purse, so if you have recommendations, let me know! This comes in a two pack at Target for 14.99 (one travel and one regular size) and is under $14 on Amazon as well.

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December 23, 2019


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    Kayla Payne

    May 22, 2018

    Hey Grace – I saw on Amazon they have a kids soap in the “Everyone” brand – have you tried that? Or just the regular?

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      May 22, 2018

      Yes! We loved that one too!