Ballet Days // Motherhood


Emmy requested to go to “work with daddy” last week, so I dropped her off at Drew’s office before taking Ensley to ballet. It’s a rare treat to get time with just my littlest girly, so I took the opportunity to snap these photos of her. I love the way they came out, because they really capture this season of life with my Ensley. We are almost done with potty training, she is loving ballet and AWANA, and she’s gained a huge vocabulary all of the sudden. Here are some of her favorite phrases:

“Well well well, what do we have here?” (I laugh every time at this one)

“Hugs and Kisses! You have to say ‘How much do I love you’, mama and then I say ‘sooo much’!”

“Mama, I just want to touch your face” (somewhat creepy but super sweet haha. She’s obsessed with putting both hands on either side of my face and kissing my cheek)

“Just a minute, mama. I do it myself” (all day, err’day)

She’s becoming such a fun and smart little person…I can’t believe she will be 3 next month!