Monday Morning Breakfast // Motherhood

sister hugs at Starbucks

We have had almost a month of sickness around here, so we are just now coming up for air. These days have been HARD. Ensley got a double ear infection, which was miserable for everyone in the house. Emmy had a three week long cold, and I found out I’d had a sinus/ear infection for so long, there was fluid buildup behind my eardrum (hence why I was just not getting better). Yesterday was the first day we have felt good enough to get out and about without daddy, so I decided to get breakfast with my little ladies. I’m trying to be more intentional this year, with listening to my kids. We lead a really busy life, filled with sports, work, and activities, and sometimes, it feels like the time I have to listen to them is so limited. I’m trying to be better. So, once a week, we will go for coffee or breakfast and I will sit and just listen to their funny little conversations. So far, it’s been pretty great.

They have the sweetest little talks (and sometimes, the not-sweetest ones…), but they always keep us cracking up! The other night, Emmy got into trouble, and she was crying after getting a stern talk from daddy. She was sobbing and said, “Well, mom, the rules are easy to SAY, but they are hard to FOLLOW!” It’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes, but they are truly funny, smart and kind little girls, and they actually rarely get into trouble for disobeying. The funniest part is the talks about spiritual things. Emmy has always been really intuitive and smart when it comes to Jesus, God, and christianity, but she imparts some really funny pieces of wisdom to her sister. For example:

(Overheard while girls are arguing)

Emmy: Ensley, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about Satan.
Ensley: I am not!
Emmy: yep you are. That’s what you think when you are mean! If you were a Christian and loved Jesus, you’d be nice.
Ensley: I don’t even like Satan!
Emmy: Well… act like it.

Ha! They sure keep us laughing. These years are flying by!

Vanilla bean and scone Staring out the window Tall drinks and bigger giggles