Valentines Day 2017 // Motherhood

valentine’s day mini shoot

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are celebrating over here, albeit low key! Our month-long bouts with ear and sinus infections have helped our expectations come down a little bit (ha!). I put together simple Valentine’s boxes for the girls (below) and Drew and I will grab a date sometime this week and avoid the crowds tonight. We have been wanting to see the new movie, Arrival, so I think we will try to track down a movie in the Redbox and call it good. We delivered homemade valentine’s to our cousins and friends yesterday (coffee for the mamas, and bracelets and candy for the littles!), which I think will become a tradition.

I got the girls some really cute valentine’s shirts this year at Baby Gap online. They were on sale for only $3.99, and I ordered them in January. Ideally, I shop a year ahead when I can (shopping for valentine’s tops after the holiday usually gets me a great deal), but Ensley had a major growth spurt and didn’t fit into what I had bought for her before.

Here’s what I put in their Valentine’s boxes:

-Little mini balloons (Dollar Tree)
-Lisa Frank and Paw Patrol coloring kits (Dollar Tree)
-Mini chocolate boxes (Target)
-Cards and play-dough (Dollar Tree)

They loved them! Other past ideas have included mini bubbles, hair clips, tee shirts, and My Little Ponies. For now, we are off to today’s sports and activities! Enjoy the day, celebrating with the ones you love! Today, we had speakers at Mom’s Group, who encouraged us to celebrate and lean into the season of life that you’re in, whether that’s raising small children, working a job, or any other things motherhood throws our way. Resting in and growing in a season helps us live out the love of Jesus, and be the best version of ourselves we can be…which also helps moms and friends around us live out their callings. Such good reminders!