How to Use EBates // Saving Money

I love EBates…I use it almost every week, and earn tons of cash back on all my online shopping. Since we don’t have many shopping options here, I am able to earn extra cash back and often, free shipping using the website. Here’s how I make almost $100 every three months:


-I made EBates my home page. Every time I open a window, it’s right there, so I begin my shopping every time from the page, which helps me not forget.

-Use EBates for extra discounts. Often, there are codes or promotions available through the site too. I find this most often with Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree, and sometimes, Target. ebates2

-Using EBates TRULY is that easy to use: You just search for the store you are looking for, and click “shop now. The MAIN KEY IS THIS: do not, I repeat, do NOT ever exit a browser window when you are using Ebates. You MUST complete the whole transaction from start to finish in one window once you click “shop now”, or you will not earn cash back. When in doubt, start over from the Ebates home page just to be sure. The checkout and everything is 100% normal after you click shop now! You do not have to enter a number or anything.

-Check to see if your favorite retailers are available for cash back: Like I said, I use it often for Gap, LOFT,  and Old Navy, but Amazon offers cash back in limited categories, and I even score cash back on smaller retailers like ModCloth. True, it’s usually only 2-6% cash back, but that’s free money you’re getting if you already planned on making a purchase. I wait till Nordstrom offers their awesome 6% or 10% cash  back to make my purchases on there. To get even more bang for your buck, purchase a gift card at Fred Meyer or Safeway to get the fuel rewards, then make your online purchase. Double the rewards! There are also retailers that won’t offer cash back, and then when you check back later on, they do. Always check first.

-Ebates has no fishy business: I get my checks on time, every three months, and cash them right away. They do not ask for your bank account or debit card numbers, and you can even choose Paypal as your payment method.

To try it out, you can sign up here (thanks for using my link!) and you’ll get a $10 gift card with your first purchase!