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So, we love coffee. 

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I mean, this isn’t a big surprise to those who know us, but Drew and I love our coffee, and we can pretty much always be found with a drive-though coffee in hand! If you don’t live in Oregon, chances are, you don’t have the crazy amounts of coffee stands everywhere (they’re virtually unheard of where my husband is from in Alabama!), but in our corner of the world, they are on nearly every block. We love Dutch Brothers, Human Bean, and Black Rock, and our budget was beginning to feel the strain. Yes, we know espresso and fancy coffee is pretty much the number one thing we should cross off our budget because it is SO expensive, but we decided together that it was one luxury we wanted to keep! But when we started drinking a few hot lattes at night in addition to the morning, well, it became clear we would need to make some sort of change so all our money wasn’t disappearing each month!

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So, when our little $79 Keurig coffeemaker broke, we began shopping for a new one for our kitchen! I wanted a Breville, but the price tag was a bit hefty and we wanted something mid-priced so that we could see how much we used it, and how comparable it was to the drinks we love. I ordered the Nespresso Virtuoline after my friend who is a barista told me it’s all she used. I got it on Amazon for less than $200 and off we went! We found out later that our Keurig wasn’t broken and was only clogged in a section of the machine, but we went ahead with our purchase since I was already all in on this idea…coffee all the time! 

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I called in my reinforcements (aka all my barista friends and my brother, who used to be one, too) and got the names of good syrups. I did a $30 run to our local restaurant supply store and bought cups, lids, straws, huge containers of syrups and whip cream and voila! My little coffee shop was open for business. Here’s the lowdown on the Nespresso, and the only downside: the pods are only available online. If you live in a big city, you may be able to buy them in store, but for us, we have to order from or Amazon. The pods are more expensive than a Keurig, at about $0.70-0.80 a pod, it makes our at-home espresso drinks between $1 and $2, which is pricier than brewed of obviously, but less than half of what we were spending. Obviously, you wouldn’t have to get cups/straws/lids, but I like the look and feel of iced and hot espresso drinks, especially when I am on the go and I can toss the cup.

All in all, we just love this machine.  I cannot recommend it enough. I can make a fancy “designer” coffee in less than two minutes. We have drastically cut back our coffee-stand buying, and drink maybe 1-2 a week versus every day (for both of us!), and we are saving money even with a more expensive cost of goods (pods). Here’s a few more details for you budget-minded peeps:

Cost of Virtuoline machine with Milk Frother on Amazon Prime: $182.00 
Our favorite Ghiradelli White Chocolate Powder: $18.38 for just about 3.5 lbs

Torani Syrups that we use: Vanilla, Irish Cream, and Chocolate Macadamia: $4.35 each
Virtuoline pods: $0.70-$0.80 each, depending on purchase amount

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Image: Virtuoline in Black with milk frother