How to Save Big on Patagonia! // Saving Money

Emmy modeling her pink patagonia pullover sweaterBuying name-brand fleece and winter wear may not seem very frugal (especially for growing kids), but stick with me to the end of the blog, and I’ll show you how it can be! We buy name brand coats and boots for our toddlers, because they’ve proven to be more cost effective by holding up through multiple seasons and wears. Each season, we buy each girl a good jacket or fleece, and a pair of rubber Hunter boots. I often hear comments about their Hunter boots being expensive (and they are, full price), but I rarely pay full price, and we absolutely love the boots! No more leaking rubber boots, torn soles, or wet feet inside. I’ll write about it soon, but for today, I want to share how we get the girls Patagonia items for a great discount.

Have you heard of We used it recently to get Emmy a really adorable NanoPuff Patagonia toddler jacket. When it arrived for her birthday (with incredibly fast shipping), we took the tags off and wrapped it up, because I had no idea it would be so big. I contacted customer service and they immediately helped me return it and re-order this Snap T Synchilla Pullover (what she’s wearing above) with free returns and free 2-day shipping. It showed up on my doorstep the next day, in fact. You can’t beat their customer service and shipping speed.

We love Backcountry, but it’s their sister company that really holds the secret to getting Patagonia for a great deal! Steep and Cheap (find them HERE) has even BETTER prices on toddler, women’s and men’s Patagonia, including one of my favorites. It’s at REI right now for $99, where I tried it on last week. Certain colors are just $59.50 on Steep and Cheap, making it just about 40% cheaper.

Patagonia women’s pullover steepandcheap screenshot

Another great deal is their Down Sweater jacket for women, marked down to $109.92 and available in a large range of sizes. It’s marked down almost $120 from it’s retail price. Most of the items on here are last season’s, but as you know with Patagonia, their styles are fairly classic and simple, and they hold up for years and years.

For toddlers, the prices are approximately 30-50% off retail for most of their classic styles…that’s a big price cut that brings their durable and warm items down to close to Target full price items. Totally worth it if it’s something they’ll wear often and can pass down to a sibling. Ensley will have that little Synchilla pullover as soon as Emmy outgrows it!

Patagonia toddler Synchilla print pullover steepandcheap screenshot

To recap, we buy name brand and SAVE money because we only have to buy it ONCE. No more multiple fleeces, sweatshirts, or jackets, because pretty much each girl gets one great coat to wear for a whole season. A full-price coat at Target is around $34.99, and the Patagonia fleece is $35. We have found it to be much more durable and warm than a Target coat! More ways to save on Backcountry:

  • Shop their semi-annual sale for even lower prices (it’s happening now)

    40% Off Patagonia during our Semiannual Sale
  • Join their email list at the bottom of THIS page for extra discounts
  • Check for codes on HERE, they aren’t there often, but it’s worth checking.
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