Shopping Gymboree’s Super Sales // Saving Money

pink and purple gymboree halter dress

We LOVE Gymboree! There are really limited place to shop in town for the girls, but Gymboree is my favorite, because of their super sales! Here’s the lowdown:

  • Gymboree super sales happen about 2-3 times a year. They typically include a “percent-off-markdown” style discount. They go up to 60% off markdowns twice a year (I’ve seen 70% one time in five years) but 50% off markdowns is pretty standard. 
  • The sales include items from approximately one to two seasons prior, but I’ve seen our store clear out things I saw in the previous year (two to three seasons prior). This doesn’t bother me because their clothes are not very trendy, but if you’re concerned about current trends for older picky kids, you may not want to shop their big markdowns.
  • The best way to match up their markdown sales with a coupon is to use their mailer coupons (usually 20% off on top of the markdowns) or an email coupon (occasionally, I’ll get a dollar off amount, like $5/50, but usually these are 20% off as well)
  • The resale value of Gymboree is really high. So, even if I am unsure what size the girls will be in a certain season, I know that I can consign or re-sell the items for at least the price I’ve paid. I also earn Gymbucks on purchases during major markdowns that I can later use on sale prices of higher priced items during their redemption period. 

How to do the sale prices break down at my local store? The dress above, size 5T, was marked retail at $34.95. The tag read $29.99. The dress rang up at just $9.99, and with the fifty percent off, was $4.99! 

colorful pile of gymboree clothes

Let’s talk about Gymboree online! I know a lot of people think that the prices are the same online as in the store…this is not true. They don’t price match to the store, and the prices are not the same. In fact, the store prices are on average 30% lower (based on my local store experience). Online also rarely offers free shipping. The only way to achieve drastic price differences online is to combine Ebates cash back with free shipping days. This combination doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s savings magic!

Here’s an example of how this works:

This blue butterfly dress is $13.99 online (it was just $8.99 in store!). With Ebates, you’ll earn $0.13 cash back, and get free shipping, making your final cost $13.86. Not a huge savings, but add in a few more clearance items and your 1% grows quickly, offsetting the clearance prices. When looking online, use search filters by size to save time.

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