The Three Things I Buy on Thred Up!

I have talked before about how awesome Thred Up is to save money on used kids and women’s clothes, but wanted to get specific today. Their prices are SO reasonable, and the shipping is incredibly fast. I have used them time after time, always getting my items quickly and in beautiful shape!  Here’s three things I always try to find first on Thred Up:
thredup logo

Wondering what ThredUp is all about? They’re a company based on the idea of recycling clothes and offering designer items for a steep discount. The idea is wonderful, and their website says: “We know that shopping secondhand helps the world in some small way, and we’re proud to be a part of that. Being a conscious consumer matters. It matters to you, it matters to us, it matters in the whole big picture of the world. We want to leave the planet sustainable for the next generation — saving water, recycling and reusing items, and donating to important causes. (Source)”. I’ve found amazing deals on their site, including pieces from Madewell, jeans from JCrew, Gap dresses for the girls, and even swimsuits.

There are three things I always look for on ThredUp though, before I buy them new:

  1. BALLET LEOTARDS AND SKIRTS: ThredUp has an amazing selection of ballet leotards and accessories! They come and go, but if you check often enough, you can find beautiful items with the tags on, most of the time. I have found Bloch leotards that retail at $30, for just $4.99. Each of the girls also has a nice, sturdy Eurotard brand leo that was $35 and I found them for $3.99 each. I’ve also found plenty of Danskin items to fill out their ballet wear, for $3 and 4 for skirts and shorts.
  2. CHILDREN’S SHORTS AND JEANS: We try to have our girls dress modestly when it comes to shorts, and mid length shorts are hard to find. I’ve found older styles on ThredUp from good brands like Gap and Lucky Brand, that are a little longer and more modest that don’t look dated. I also find Gymboree midi shorts (my favorite short for the girls) from time to time. Of course, I only buy them if I haven’t already found them at Gymboree’s box sales. It helps to filter by size and brand because there is so much to choose from.
  3. DRESSES: If I’m looking for a solid color dress or one to wear to work, I like to search by brand on ThredUp. Some of my favorites are: Madewell, JCrew, Maeve by Anthropologie, Caslon, Halogen and Hinge. Because I know these brands fit me well and are well-made, I know buying them used can be a great idea.

Want to try ThredUp? Right now, they are offering new customers $10 free for creating a login and placing an order. Your credit will be applied automatically if you use the link below (affiliate link, thank you for supporting my blog!)


PS: I don’t personally sell my items on ThredUp, because they pay out so very little for designer items  and I love selling mine on Facebook and my Instagram shop. But, they are a fantastic idea for clearing out a closet really quickly to make a little extra cash.