We tried Gobble…and here’s what we thought!

We LOVE meal subscriptions. We don’t get them weekly, but I get at least one a month. When I saw Gobble doing a promotion on Facebook, I thought I’d give it a shot. They are touted for a few key things: their dishes are pre-portioned and items are prepped for you, and they’re meant to be made in around ten minutes in a single pan. These points were pretty appealing to me, especially on the weeknights when I struggle to get dinner on the table after getting back from the girls’ time at their gym. We eat dinner early in the evening, and we are all hungry by the time they wrap up their classes! I am often burnt out by the end of the day, to be honest. I’ve been doing Insanity Max 30 and 21DFX for the last ten weeks, and I have to get up early before the rest of the household to get the workouts in before the day starts. This means by 6pm, I’ve just about hit the “wall” of exhaustion!

These sorts of boxes are NOT budget friendly, I know. They are much higher than me going to the store and getting the ingredients, but I get my TIME back. It also frees me up to use the girls’ nap times to work instead of cleaning/prepping food. I get a lot of friends who wonder how we can afford the boxes, but when we have done the math, it makes more sense for me to work an hour for a client which nearly covers the cost of an entire box. I’ve filed this blog under “saving money” because overall, subscription boxes save me money because they save me time. They also eliminate food waste.

Let’s get into how the cooking went. This recipe was for Bulgogi Beef, with butter lettuce and a sesame noodle salad. I unloaded the ingredients. There was pre-marinated beef, sweet potato noodles, a big head of lettuce, a bag of cabbage, korean sauce, and a container of kimchi (which was so delicious, I might have eaten it with a fork. Right out the container. Don’t judge. ;))



The recipe was clear, had nice pictures, and had simple directions. I liked the layout a lot. It actually stated to use a “second saute pan” which kinda overrode their “single pan” thing, but it was fine. Easy to cook, too.


Here is the cabbage cooking. The recipe took WAY LONGER than ten minutes. From start to finish, it took me 24 minutes. Which is much, much shorter than it would have taken me to make a regular dinner, but definitely not ten minutes.


Above is the finished product. It was absolutely amazing. I was sad when it was gone, and the portion was enormous. Drew and I agreed these portions were much larger than any other service we have used! Here are my final thoughts:

  1. The portions are amazingly large and filling. We cleaned our plates, but mostly because it was delicious and we both wanted to keep eating. Neither one of us could finish the dish below (chili braised chicken thighs with zucchini spears, pesto, and black beans with cotija. And trust me, we tried!)
  2. It is more affordable than our favorite, Plated. We are die-hard Plated fans because the flavor has been incredible with every recipe. The $72/3 meal price tag is a bit steep and Gobble is a few dollars cheaper.
  3. Unfortunately, Gobble doesn’t provide measurements and recipes so you can repeat the dishes. However, the flavor and portion size alone is very worthwhile. Will we get another box? You bet.IMG_5569Want to try it out yourself? You can earn two free meals simply by using my referral link below. It starts your subscription, but you can cancel/skip anytime, which makes it so easy.